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Ultimate Indoor Sports Centre Rules

Ultimate Indoor Sports promote a safe, supportive, fun environment for all to experience their chosen indoor sport.

Please understand and abide by the rules and policies below.  Breaking of any rules can result in Ultimate Indoor Sports banning any player/s or team/s from participating in any competition run by Ultimate Indoor Sports.

  • Respect our facilities and fellow competitors at all times including centre staff and spectators
  • No jumping on, climbing on or deliberate damage to the court nets or surfaces
  • No smoking within the centre or within 10 feet of any open centre entrance
  • No food or drink to be taken onto any court or practice facility
  • No spitting at any time within the centre
  • No alcohol is to be brought into the centre

Game Payments

  • Full game payments are due prior to the commencement of the schedule game time
  • Captains are responsible for the full payment of game fees
  • Game payments are per team regardless of whether the team is short or has utilised a replacement player
  • If there is a valid reason why your team cannot pay the full amount, the remainder of the game fee MUST be paid prior to the team’s next scheduled game. Failure to pay any outstanding game fees will result in a loss of 4 competition points. Short payments will be an exception not the rule. Repeat offenders may be withdrawn from the competition

Player Insurance and Registration

  • Players must complete the registration process prior to playing at Ultimate Indoor Sports
  • Payment of insurance and registration must be completed by the second game of competition
  • If players have not completed the insurance and registration requirements at the end of the second game, they are not permitted to play any more games at the centre until this has been rectified. If they continue to play they WILL NOT be covered by our insurance
  • Players are not covered in the case of injury until the forms are completed and payment received
  • Please see the Insurance link from the home or sports page for more details in regards to the Personal Accident Insurance Program

Forfeiting a Game

  • Contact the centre as soon as possible if your team needs to forfeit. If feasible the centre will endeavour to re-schedule the game for another time/day. Any re-scheduling will be done in conjunction with the opposing team. The opposing team is under no obligation to change the game time/day. The centre asks all teams to be conscious of teams in trouble and to endeavour to change a scheduled game if practicable
  • If you know your team may be short, before forfeiting, contact the centre as soon as you become aware of the shortfall. The centre will make all reasonable efforts to secure you an extra player either on a one off basis or permanently
  • If your team has to forfeit, your team will be liable for your teams payment which will be due prior to the teams next competition game
  • Forfeiting of more than 2 games in a competition may result in your team being withdrawn from that competition
  • If your team forfeits on the day of the competition, your team will be liable for your teams game fees PLUS your opposing teams game fees. These fees will be due prior to the teams next competition game

Your team’s nomination and acceptance into a competition is an obligation and commitment to Ultimate Indoor sports and your opposition teams, and pay for, all games as per draw.


  • It is mandatory for the team to wear the team shirt. Failure to wear the team shirt will result in uniform penalties being applied during the game. See the game rules for the specific penalty for your sport

Misconduct including Abuse

  • Initial Misconduct will incur run/goal penalties depending on the sport
  • If the misconduct continues then the player will be ‘sent off’ for either the remainder of the game or a designated time as prescribed by the official
  • Any further ‘sending off’ will result in a ban of 1-2 competition game/s. Serious offences may result in permanent bans
  • Any striking, fighting, abuse or personal attacks to centre staff, umpires, other players or spectators is not tolerated and will result in the player being immediately sent off and no further part in that game will be allowed. The player/s may also be banned from 1-2 game/s to permanent bans depending on the severity of the charge.
  • Players who are banned for misconduct for any reason will not be refunded their registration or game fees
  • Examples of misconduct include abusive or derogatory language, unsportsman like behaviour, rough and/or dangerous play, fighting/striking on or off the court, damage to the centres or others property and equipment, continual argumentative conduct to umpires or centre staff

Finals Qualification

  • To qualify for finals, a player must play a minimum of 4 competition games for the team they are registered in
  • Players can play in more than one sport, division or day. Relevant registration and insurance fees must be paid – annual options are available which allows players to play in as many sports and days as they wish
  • Players must sign-in at the front counter computer prior to the game commencement
  • Failure to sign in and support numbers of games played within a competition may result in players not being able to play finals. It is your responsibility to ensure you are signed on prior to each game played!