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Summary of Indoor Cricket Rules

Ultimate Indoor Sports (UIS) plays under the Indoor Cricket Australian (AICF) rules with amendments for centre rules.

Summary of AICF Indoor Cricket Rules

Each team consists of a maximum of 8 players (minimum of 6)

Each team bats for 1 innings and bowls for 1 innings of 16 overs (total 32 over game)

A captain is nominated for each team

An over consists of 8 balls or deliveries (variations may occur as per Section 4 of AICF rules)

A bowler cannot bowl consecutive over’s

Each batting pair bat for 4 overs – dismissals are a 5 run deduction from the score

Rubber soled non marking sports shoes must be worn* Umpire performs the toss with the two captains – the winning captain will chose to bat or bowl first. If one team is not available for the toss 2 minutes before the scheduled start time will forfeit the toss

To bat a player must wear 2 suitable batting gloves

To field players may wear protective equipment such as elbow and knee pads, sporting helmets, face guards, gloves, groin protectors and safety glasses

The umpire is the appointed adjudicator of the game rules impartially. Their decision is final. The captain of the fielding side or the batter at wicket may query an umpires decision however once the umpire has replied, no further discussion will be entered into. An offending party may be penalised

Late arrivals may enter the game as long as there has not been a substitute player included in the game for the late player. The late player may only enter the game (if fielding) at the end of the over in progress.

If a team is 1 short: in the field, the batting team will select 2 bowlers to bowl the last 2 over’s of the innings; when batting, the fielding team will select 1 batter to bat in the last pair (last 4 over’s of the innings). If the team is 2 short: in the field, the batting team will select 2 bowlers to bowl the last 4 over’s; when batting, the fielding team will  select 2 batters to bat the last 4 over’s.

Scoring: to score a run both batters cross between the batting crease and the non-striker’s crease and make good their ground – 1 run is scored and is called a physical run. Bonus runs will be scored if the batters successfully make a physical run and when a batter hits the ball with bat or hand/s holding the bat into the perimeter netting.


The bonus runs are:

Zone A (front net) = 0 runs

Zone B (side net) = 1 run

Zone C (side net) = 2 runs

Zone D (back net) = 4 runs on bounce

Zone D (back net) = 6 runs on full 

Zone B or C onto Zone D = 3 runs

The top net is neural. = striker = bowler

Third Ball – if the score remains unchanged after two deliveries, the umpire calls’ third ball’. On the next delivery the score must change or a dismissal is recorded against the striker.

AICF rules can be found at

Centre Rules for Indoor Cricket



Penalty of 5 runs to be deducted for every player out of uniform from the offending teams batting innings with a maximum of 20 run penalty (as per AICF rules)

Teams must play in the team shirts provided by UIS. Spare matching shirts can be hired from reception for a small fee for any player without a team shirt. (e.g. last minute fill in player)


Playing Equipment

 Bails will only be used for Division 1 competition games, Super League and any National or International competition

For all other Divisions bails will not be used due to safety concerns and time constraints



Skin scoring – 4 points for a win, 1 point for each skin therefore a total of 8 points available per game

If a team forfeits they are awarded 0 points while the team available to play will be awarded 5 points (4 win points and 1 skin point)

No skins will be played during the Final series (semi finals, finals or grand finals).

In the event of a tie during the semi finals and final series, the team which was placed higher in the competition ladder at the end of the rounds will progress to the next Final’s round (ie Final or Grand Final match).

In the event of a tie in the Grand Final match, an ‘Ultimate Skin’ will be played. A new coin toss takes place. The batting team selects their batting pair. The bowling team selects 4 separate bowlers to bowl (each bowls 1 over). The team with the most runs after the ‘Ultimate Skin’ will be the winner. If it is still drawn, the teams will continue to play ‘Ultimate Skins’ until a winner is determined. Different batters and bowlers must be used for the second ultimate skin. Any subsequent ultimate skins have no restrictions on who bats and bowls for each team.



Personal Accident Insurance Program has been specifically tailored by Willis Australia Limited to meet the needs of Indoor Sports Centres.

The link below provides more information and the policies full conditions are available from Ultimate Indoor Sports Pty Ltd or Indoor Sports NSW.